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To Go Supplies

To Go Supplies is a new sub division of Touch Litho Company. With our extensive knowledge and experience in printing and packaging, our new subsidiary company now caters to the food packaging industry with competitive pricing without compromising our high standards for quality. Rest assured that our products are crafted with both functionality and aesthetic quality in mind. All of our products are manufactured in the United States with high quality eco-friendly materials; such as printing with Soy Ink and adhering to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) standards. The detrimental effects of poly-styrene are a threat to our environment, while alternatives like paper products steer us in the direction for a greener future.

With over 10 years of commercial printing experience, our novel approach on the vastly popular Chinese take-out box is a perfect example of our quality and functional approach. Our take-out boxes feature fresh and vibrant designs. With a variety of house designs and options for you to fully customize, you will never feel restricted to the same outdated designs.

Along with our Chinese take-out box, we also carry high quality paper food trays ready to meet any dining experience. These trays feature the same standard of quality as our Chinese take-out boxes, and also feature our eco-friendly Soy ink. Choose from our in-house stock designs or customize your own.